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ぜひやりたいという演奏家の皆様、またはそういった機会をつくることに興味をお持ちの皆様、Eメールアドレス 311アットマークbe-uncool.com までご連絡ください(「アットマーク」を「@」に変えてください)。一緒にやりましょう。

ビー・アンクール・ドットコム株式会社代表 わたなべまさのり

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MUSIC for people who are suffering by

Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Disaster

It's reported that hundreds thousands of people (as of January 2014) still have been forced to spend difficult life in evacuated situations by the earthquake, the tsunami, the nuclear disaster. This is the situation, while it must be too many even if one person faces it.

BE-UNCOOL.com love to do something, too, with fundamental ability of music, even if it's for few moments. "With fundamental ability of music" may be said in other words "in a way with respect for music". In such case, one of the best ways must be to play music for the people, directly right in front of them.

All BE-UNCOOL.com want from musician is two things: Musician has to be one who loves to play his/her best for the people whatever the circumstance to play is. Secondly actual performance is musically strong enough. (In case I don't know because of my lack of listening, I would like you to let me listen to your live at first, please. Then I will see if strong enough or not, thank you very much.)

Also what the people want have to be considered as the first priority. In such situation what can be happened are...

You don't go and play music when no people/place is ready for live music, even if love to go and play for them.

If physical size of your performance is so large, it can be the reason for being unable to play.

Sometimes the place you would play at will be confirmed in very last minutes.

You better think there is no facilities that concert venue usually has, such as stage, dressing room, etc.

You better think you are going to prepare everything at where the people would use, too. (Including toilet, etc.)

We should not ask the people to sort out the place for the performance. You should be ready to play in their usual circumstance.

Anyone who has no interests should not be asked to listen to your performance. Also we let people who are listening enjoy your performance in free fashion.

We will use safe transportation. But you need to be ready for aftershocks there, and here.

If you are musician who loves to do this, or if you have interests in making such occasion, contact BE-UNCOOL.com by e-mailing to 311AT-MARKbe-uncool.com (REPLACE "AT-MARK" WITH "@"). Let's do it together.

Masanori Watanabe, representative
BE-UNCOOL.com Company Limited

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