MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo
27th, 29th April 2013 @ Yamaha Ginza Studio

LET'S DO!! & MUST NOT VIOLATE!! (Suggestions & Rules) (intro)

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The shows will be organised in obviously DIffERENT WAY from what you usually see in Japan.

Don't think "Do it in the same fashion" if have experience of attending live show.

This shows' rules represent something to do this shows in this shows' way. All the audience who attend the show must not violate this rules. If someone in the audience (even only one) violates this rules, the show will not begin, or the show will be stopped and finished immediately. This includes the case of violating the rules without knowing the rules. In any case the ticket price will not be refunded.

Similar note as above can be seen in many live shows, and there are rules in most live shows. The character of this shows is that audience who violates this shows' rules will NOT left untouched if the organiser know it.

Especially to adult audience. I the organiser expect you to take the lead in following the rules and to end up showing youngest generations how to join live show by your attitude.

Following this shows' way, the shows make the suggestions, too. In the organiser's policy HERE, you might see what these suggestions and rules are for.

By your cooperations, I hope the shows end up becoming your amazing experience, with no injuries, no person who becomes physically feeling bad, no accident, of course. Thank you very much.

Suggestions & Rules, CLCIK below and read. You have to watch the rules.

ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo organiser Company Ltd.
Masanori Watanabe, representative

LET'S DO!! (Suggestions)

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