MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo
27th, 29th April 2013 @ Yamaha Ginza Studio

Suggestions & Rules
LET'S DO!! (The Shows' Suggestions)

(Don' know why the shows suggest?? See HERE first.)

The suggestions' direction will not change. But the shows' organiser may update the details without previous notice. Also the shows' organiser may add other suggestion, depending upon what's going on. May add even inside the venue on the show day if needed. (In this web page, may add purpose etc of each suggestion later.)

Suggestion 01: "NO HESITATIONS ALLOWED" almost, to your reactions/communications to the performance/the musicians!!

This shows' organiser will not add anything extra that try to control the communications between the musicians and the audience, after the show begins. Whether the show turns into something more special or not, depends upon the audience 100%. Hesitation is "average-show maker" that makes your communication with musicians thinner and makes something special NOT happen. I expect your attitude which happens to drive ANGE!! I added "almost" because no need to do anything more if want to do watch/listen only.

Audience who are taken by your company, please!! Please not fool your company even if your company's reactions look weird!! (if without violating this shows' rules.) Please not, even after the show!! If you don't, the show can have more possibility to turn into something more special. I believe you don't hope that your company end up NOT enjoying the shows. So please not fool your company even as a joke. Thank you!!

Suggestion 02: Bring something to drink/eat!! (Something not making sounds during the show!!)

You can bring into and drink/eat what you want in the venue Yamaha Ginza Studio (Must not use fire, dangerous item). You can drink/eat in the audience area and the are before the bar/the lift. During the show, it should not make sound which can be heard over music. If drop something to drink/eat, I hope it does not spread as less as possible (Duration of meet & greet might become shorter!!). The bar will be open perhaps (Hope to show the menu someday), and there's a vending machine of drinks, too. You must not drink/eat anything in the lift and on the stairway.

Might be a long day, including the meet & greet. Hope all of you stay in healthy fashion till the end!!

Suggestion 03: If have no confidence in stamina, why not sit on the floor when timing allows!! But stand for a while after you entered!!

One of my most favourite scenes in live show is happy faces of audience who ended up falling/sitting on the floor in standing area after live show. As a preparation, I suggest audience who have no confidence in stamina to sit on the floor before the show but, I hope you stand for a while after you entered. Because if sit immediately, audience who enter after you cannot see at all how the view from the place behind you is when you stand up. Thank you very much.

Perhaps there's not enough space for all the audience to sit at the same time. Hope you try to make space for each other when many want to.

Suggestion 04: But let's NOT sit when asking an encore!! (Strong suggestion)

If you have physical problem and better sit, you should sit down, of course. But if you don't, and if you have stood till that moment, you should not sit down when asking an encore. To ask an encore is to ask musician to work more. When ask someone to work more, I believe you should ask in a way that matches to the possible work that happens from your demand. If you try to make "less effort" as possible when asking an encore, what a poor thought to treat other people.

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