MOYEN-AGE TOUR Live in Tokyo Completed

Thank you all the audience who attended!! Thank you all of those who have supported the shows!!

The shows' organiser is so glad to offer those who want to own the guitar which ANGE played on MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo to buy the guitar. (New method under consideration, for until the deadline there was no buyer who meet the conditions.) Click the image below for details.

27th April 2013
29th April 2013

The messages from ANGE to Japanese audience below (Given before the shows). Hi-res version etc HERE!!

MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live in Tokyo
Dates: 27th, 29th April 2013
Venue: Yamaha Ginza Studio (7-9-14 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo. 2nd basement floor, the lowest floor of Yamaha Ginza Building.)
showtime: 5pm (door: 4pm)
Meet & greet between the audience & ANGE after the show is planned. (Basically anyone who have the show's ticket can join.)
(Everything above is for the both dates)

Similarity/Difference between shows in France and in Tokyo, if need to know CLICK.

LET'S DO & MUST NOT VIOLATE!! (Suggestions & Rules)
The shows will be organised in obviously DIFFERENT WAY from what you usually see in Japan. Read the Rules.
Ticket: 2000 Yen (tax included) for youngest generations
9000 Yen (tax included) for all other audience

Standing. Details HERE (types, order of ticket to sell, etc).

Left image is the possible audience area. Shape of each Category depend upon the audience, so cannot be exactly like this.

Advantage for the official fan club members. CLICK!!
Entry order on the show day. CLICK!!

Bring something to drink/eat!! CLICK!!
Earplugs needed?? (In case you worry) CLICK!!

School Music Revival
This shows support "School Music Revival". The donation box in the venue on the show days. The methods to donate now (online etc) HERE.(Leave this website.)

Use these Facebook pages freely but in "angelique" fashion. (Leave this website.)
27th April
29th April

organised by: Company Ltd. (biography HERE)

click date to see more

31 July 2013 Your donations of 7084 Yen were transfered to the bank account of School Music Revival.
18 May 2013 ANGE Live In Tokyo PETIT EPISODE 1: Mostly Fully Equipped
18 May 2013 ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo Setlist. Watch somewhere near the top of this page, under the photo of the guitar.
13 May 2013 ANGE Live In Tokyo "APRES" OFF-KAI
10 May 2013 Mr. T.K. Thank you very much. (The person who had supported the organiser vitally to realise the shows in the early stages. What a pity for I cannot tell him a big thank you directly, as I could not know his current contact information.)
06 May 2013 Any criticism to the organiser is warmly welcomed. Don't hesitate, because perhaps it works in better way for the organiser of the shows Company Ltd and the shows' aimes. Thank you.
06 May 2013 From now on, the organiser will give the newest informations about ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo here on this web page. Information about the guitar which Mr Christian Decamps played on the shows is at the top of this web page.
26 Apr 2013 From now on, the organiser will give the newest informations about ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo on the organiser's Twitter account basically. This fashion continues perhaps during their TOkyo show days.
26 Apr 2013 Sale of Category A and Category B tickets ends at 6pm on 26th April 2013. Ticket that you can order to the organiser after that moment will be Category X only. Entry order of Category X is after "Seiri Bango D" which e+ is selling.
26 Apr 2013 Between 26th April and 30 April 2013, when you need to contact the organiser, you have to call a telephone to the telephone number 080-1176-0424. Including the show days. Order tickets by telephone.

Because there can be a possibility that communication by e-mail might be too late. If the orgsnier cannot pick up the phone, leave your message including your telephone number. So that the organiser can call back.

26 Apr 2013 ANGE already in JAPAN! Bienvenue!
13 Apr 2013 REPORT: Update about the process for ANGE's entry into Japan to realise the Tokyo shows: VISA for Entertainer were issued!
03 Apr 2013 Ticket is available at e+, too, from today!!
02 Apr 2013 It seems that the tickets will be available at e+, too, from 10:00am on 3rd April (Japanese language only). It seems that the webpage of e+ which the link above is connected to will be available after the ticket sales at e+ start.
02 Apr 2013 Hassan solo album Teaser!!
29 Mar 2013 REPORT: Update about the process for ANGE'S entry into Japan to realise the Tokyo shows.
29 Mar 2013 Tickets on sale!! Ticket sales for the 27th April show is much much fewer than 29th April.
29 Mar 2013 Christian Decamps Interview!!
28 Mar 2013 Tickets Available at WORLD DISQUE and DISK UNION Shinjuku Progressive Rock Kan! (if ticket remains)
04 Mar 2013 Special feature of ANGE on Japanese magazine "STRANGE DAYS"!!
03 Mar 2013 More Informations about Ticket. (Tickets available for the both dates 27th and 29th April!!)
03 Feb 2013 People who ordered or will order ticket on the ticket sales which started on 25th January are going to know whether ticket is still remaining or not, after 8th February.
31 Jan 2013 Looking for volunteers who, with pleasure, help this ANGE's historic first Japan landing shows in Tokyo.
30 Jan 2013 Member number of ANGE's official fan club in 2013, written on the Card of the Member.
29 Jan 2013 About ticket sales, thank you for your lessons!!
29 Jan 2013 Hassan (guitar, vocal), Tristan (keyboard, vocal) to release new solo album!!
28 Jan 2013 "Pushing your way to the front" - one of the most annoying behaviour..... (by Rolling Stone magazine)
28 Jan 2013 Updated the webpage that explains why at the moment you order it is NOT confirmed whether you can get ticket or not.
25 Jan 2013 In a method you have not seen before perhaps... Ticket Onsale Now!! Watch inside the pink frame above!!
06 Jan 2013 General sales of ticket might start even before the end of ticket sales for people who have "Number For Presales".
06 Jan 2013 To people who have "Number For Presales", received the e-mail which inform how to order the ticket??
30 Dec 2012 In "Entry Order on the show day" page, made it clearer that "The entry order by Category is: Category A enter first, Category B next, other Categories later."!!
30 Dec 2012 In Ticket Information page, ticket price must be paid in advance, deadline of the payment, delivery cost, perhaps you receive ticket in the first half of April, added!!
28 Dec 2012 "Any kind of recording by any audience are prohibited" added to the shows' rule. Click the date (left) and watch details!!
25 Dec 2012 ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo will support "School Music Revival"!!
25 Dec 2012 Ticket, Suggestions & Rules, Drink/Eat, Earplugs... Updating the Website!!
23 Dec 2012 In Ticket Information page, made it clear that there's no seats in audience area, and suggested those who have no confidence in stamina to sit on the floor when timing allows. (In "TYPES" section.)
16 Dec 2012 [Reader's Poll] The Latest album MOYEN-AGE!! Looks like saying "This is no bad at all!!" doesn't it!!
12 Dec 2012 "To join the show at closer to the stage, what you can do" added!!
09 Dec 2012 [Hope some of you join!!] ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR Live In Tokyo Pre-OFF-KAI!! (Hope this urgent chat party take place.)
09 Dec 2012 [Number For Presales] To those who applied but nothing has happened after.
08 Dec 2012 Giving "Number For Presales" ends soon. Let's push one more time!!
08 Dec 2012 Ticket price that was announced yesterday includes tax. Sorry for not telling it!!
07 Dec 2012 Announcement about showtime, meet & greet, ticket price etc.
05 Dec 2012 [Number For Presales] By mistake, for one time I sent the same number twice. (Method of giving it has NOT changed.)
05 Dec 2012 [order of entry] There'll be an advantage for ANGE's official fan club members.
02 Dec 2012 Please wait for a little bit more for ticket sales. (Ticket not on sale yet)
20 Nov 2012 About the messages from ANGE to Japanese audience.
18 Nov 2012 Messages from ANGE to Japanese audience!! (Images you see above. Hi-res version soon.)
18 Nov 2012 Put "Number For Presales" info on this website. More explanations added.
18 Nov 2012 Thank you very much for the words of encouragement and support.
18 Nov 2012 "Number For Presales" sent at last to everyone who applied first.
17 Nov 2012 Returned to the usual form of business today. So from now on, basically any latest information will be announced first on this page. To those who have watched to catch the information, thank you!!
23 Oct 2012 For some reasons, for a while from now on, when the latest information will be announced, it will appear on Twitter page of the organiser of the shows Please see !!
4 Oct 2012 Please wait for a while until tickets go on sale.
4 Oct 2012 Showtime, time of show's end:

On both dates, showtime would be somewhere between 4pm and 5pm (not confirmed yet). Door opens one hour before showtime probably. Basically entry into the door is by order of number on the ticket (by numerical order). So be careful!! You would miss your turn if you are not at the door when your turn, and people with larger number enter before you.

For this is true "live", we don't know what time the show ends (Largely or partly it depends upon you the audience, of course!!). But following what ANGE do in their home country France, we would like to do meet & greet after the show if possible. Not confirmed yet. But love to make an occasion for chats and communications between ANGE members and you!! End time of meet & greet depends upon what would be going on there, but no later than 9:30pm.

4 Oct 2012 Age limit, ticket for the youngest generations:
(including "Why not take someone who was born after 1st April 1994 with you?!!")

There's no age limit. Rather this must be the shows that we want the youngest generations to watch and experience (Of course, the shows welcome all other generations too!!).

So to everyone who were born after 1st April 1994, we sell Category A ticket with the price of 2000 Japanese Yen.

And also, we love to make these youngest generations able to watch the stage even if not yet become tall enough (Standing show, no seats). So we will do some arrangement to do it (Category A enter first, etc), so thank you very much for your cooperations!!

If you are other generation!! Why not take someone who was born after 1st April 1994 with you?!! If you do, while there are some conditions (Never stand between those youngest generations and the stage, need to enter the door together, etc, details soon), you can buy Category A as a group which contains youngest generation. And if not late, you can enter before other categories (Standing show, no seats). Remember, if without permission, it will be prohibited to break into and intrude yourself into audience who are already there before you come (Let's respect their efforts of trying to buy better ticket!!).

Ticket sales is not far away. We recommend you to start NOW to find someone who was born after 1st April 1994 to attend the show with!!

4 Oct 2012 Ticket selling

The organiser (the company who is informing this) sells ticket with using internet. For internet's nature, time for the application to reach probably varies, depending upon circumstances around each of you. This means it's not guaranteed that earlier application always reach earlier. We are sorry but thank you for your understanding. always sells the best ticket available in the category you buy. This means your ticket can NEVER be better one if you buy the same category later.

It is possible that other company or other people sell ticket. But remember that those who buy ticket from enter the door first (Standing show, no seats). Also remember, if without permission, it will be prohibited to break into and intrude yourself into audience who are already there before you come (Let's respect their efforts of trying to buy better ticket!!).

Counter-arguments. Better ideas. Tell what you think. E-mail to angetokyo2013 ATMARK !! (Change " ATMARK " to "@")

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