Biography of representative of, Masanori Watanabe
(by Masanori himself)

Took piano lessons for at least 5 years until the age of 10.

First shock by music in 1981, fell in love with music. Started playing piano again, formed first band soon as a drummer.

Started part-time job while being a student around 1982, almost all earned money turned into records of favourite musicians. Also started attending live shows.

Joined another band in 1984. It eventually lasted about 10 years including self-organised annual live shows, in which I also did sound engineering.

Attended the Institute Of Sound Engineering for 2 years, learnt sound engineering etc.

First full-time job, choose and add music to TV, video, radio programmes from records, for about 5 years (occasionally compose music). It required me to listen to any kind of music, like it or not. Evantually discovered more and more music.

Worked in CD shop (HMV) as both a buyer and a staff waiting upon customers in sections of world music, jazz, DVD etc, for about 8 years. Discovered more music.

Around 1995, started to go anywhere on the planet to attend live show of favourite musicians, instead of waiting at home. Started to feel there are differences between Japan and other countries, in how live show is orgnised and in what happens in and around live show.

A founder member of a independent record company (Cocoronetworks), worked as an A&R, producer, any roles else needed for one year plus. This included works with major record companies (Toshiba EMI, Victor Entertainment, BMG). Worked with musicians including Kitaro, Kohala, etc. (Managed Kohala's promotional Japan tour.)

Free-lance job of promoting and introducing music that I love.

Quitted all jobs temporarily because of my personal family reason in 2005. This period of time eventually happened to last about 5 years. Unexpectedly this happened to end up giving me time to attend live show more than ever (about 30 to 50 shows a year).

During this 5 years, the following things happened. These might have influenced me on my decision to become a promoter of live show.

I happened to start wanting to give something back to music. The more vital way the better. Maybe because music has given so many wonderful moments to my life.

By experiencing many shows, difference between Japan and other countries has become obvious to me, in how live show is orgnised and in what happens in and around live show.

The role of CD has changed, the role of recorded music has changed. This change has changed how people listen to music and how musician and listener are connected.

Difference between truly strong musician and musically weak musician has become closer and closer on recorded music, by the spread of editing/fixing technology.

I noticed that my experience of attending countless live shows around the world might be my advantage if I become a promoter of live show.

Any need to return to my past job had disappeared.

Founded Company Ltd. in 2010.

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