Try to make best seats go to youngest generations & true fans.


WHY ? / HOW ?


Above is one of how audience area should be like.

Trying to make it possible and also trying to bring youngest generations more to concert at the same time, how about a method like below. (This is only an EXAMPLE!!) Giving a kind of advantage to adult if come with youngest generation.

* In each category, the best ticket available from remaining tickets is sold always. With information about where you can buy it. (You will see how to buy the best available ticket.)
* No numbered seats. Or near the stage are no numbered seats.
* No discount of ticket price after tickets go on sale. There's no value in waiting for discount.
* There's three categories of ticket. The following A B C.
A: Ticket for 18 years old or younger, and also for group of people which contains 18 years old or younger. (Adult can buy this category if with 18 years old or younger, but number of adults in a group is limited.)
B: Ticket for people who do not belong to Category A.
C: Ticket you buy on show day.

1: Re-check the requirement before enter: If standing, you must not break into and intrude yourself into audience who are already there before you come (Let's respect their efforts of trying to buy better ticket!!). Etc. Etc.
2: People of Category A enter first (In numerical order if tickets are numbered). Process is slow so that you don't need to run. Age of those who have ticket for 18 years old or younger will be checked.
3: People of Category A look behind, too, from your seat. If you see youngest generation whose sight is being blocked by you, let's suggest her/him to exchange the place and put her/him in front of you.
4: People of Category B enter, and then people of Category C enter (In numerical order if tickets are numbered).
5: Nobody between stage and audience. (Even security or cameraman are not there, as long as audience do not bother the performance.)

(This is only an example, but love to do like this)

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