MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

20 Nov 2012
About the messages from ANGE to Japanese audience.

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Tristan Decamps : keyboard, piano, vocal

Hassan Hajdi : guitar, vocal

Thierry Sidhoum : bass, vocal

Benoit Cazzulini : drums, percussions

Christian Decamps : vocal, guitar, keyboard

I the organiser believe these are pure messages from ANGE to Japanese audience, which were not controlled by anyone in between. You can see why in the "STORY" below.

No Japanese translations for a while (or forever), suggesting you to translate by yourselves. The reason is:

It's not few for me to see poor quality of foreign language translation on Japanese medias (quality of the organiser's translation, too!!). So I recommend you to doubt (in positive meanings), to translate by yourself even only an important point, instead of believing blindly a translation by someone unknown. Now many of you have in your hand a tool to translate by yourself. So if you want to, I believe many of you can do it. Why not try!!

Also this is not a bad timing to remember the names of the members in case you have not yet. You cannot call wrong name when the member appears in front of you!! They are Tristan, Hassan, Thierry, Benoit (or simply Ben), Christian.

Thanks for the messages, ANGE!! Merci!!



Because of the ANGE team's kind treatment, I had a chance to see all the members of ANGE, their manager, all of their staffs at ERCE ON EARTH Festival in ERCE, France on 26th, 27th Oct.

I told about this idea to the manager, telling that I think the following result may happen.

"Nobody knows this organiser. Nothing is strange even if people think this is NOT true story. But I hope ANGE fans in Japan (even a few) to see that ANGE is really coming to Japan. So if the number of ANGE fans in Japan who believe that ANGE is really coming becomes larger by this idea, I believe it ends up with larger number of ANGE fans in Japan who have supported ANGE through the years and they can experience ANGE's very first shows in Japan."

Via the manager's approval, sympathy from staffs who happened to be around me by chance, I suggested the ANGE members to do this.

Some members asked me what kind of message it should be, what is better. But all I told them were 3 things. "Write to Japanese audience", "Anything you want, in the way you want", "I don't want to control".

They thought about what to write for long minutes and used long time, until I started wondering if this happened to be a problem to them. Coincidentally each members wrote in different moments and individually.

Staffs happened to leave the member alone mostly when writing, which is something I did not ask them to.

During I spent time together with them, from words and faces of all the members I clearly felt that ANGE are looking forward to these shows in Tokyo (while it must have been moments that they can lament the poor experience of the organiser). It made me feel glad, but at the same time I felt I need to got for it more than before.

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