MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

05 Dec 2012
[order of entry] There'll be an advantage for ANGE's official fan club members.

On both Tokyo shows, the members of ANGE's official fan club UN PIED DANS LA MARGE ( of the year 2012 or 2013 have a chance to enter the door first among the category of your ticket. Families and friends who enter the door with, too (There's limit about the number of them). (Standing show. No seats, no reserved seats. Don't forget, the very front before the stage is the place for audience who were born after 1st April 1994!!)

Giving some special advantage for the official fan club members who attend ANGE's show is something ANGE often do in their country France.

To follow this spirit matches to one of the organiser of the Tokyo shows's policy "I love to have a treatment which gives bigger advantage to more enthusiastic fans". And I the organiser see no reason to organise the shows without doing it when I can do it. So what an honour to be able to do this!!

Since this would be their first shows in Japan, because of the possible maximum number of the official fan club members who attend the show, because of the shape and size of the venue, I decided to do such an advantage this time. Next time (not confirmed, but love to do it!!) might be different.

To go with this advantage, you need to do some things (You need to make the organiser confirm that you are really the member, etc). Details later. But for now, remember that you cannot go with this advantage if you do nothing!!

At this moment on 5th Dec 2012, UN PIED DANS LA MARGE is accepting the application to subscribe as the fan club member for 2013. Information in French on Seems you can send the membership fee of 27 Euros by bank transfer. (Or by cheque if from inside France.)

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