MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

07 Dec 2012
Announcement about showtime, meet and greet, ticket price etc.

Thanks for waiting. So happy to announce about these!! These informations are about both shows on 27th and 29th April 2013.

ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo @ Yamaha Ginza Studio

door: 4pm
showtime: 5pm

Meet & Greet

Meet & greet between the audience and ANGE after the show is officially planned. You can think that it will happen unless I the organiser see the situation that "We cannot do it"!!

It will start unexpectedly, when the ANGE members are ready. In their country France, in many cases, about 30 minutes to 1 hour later after the show the members come out one after another. (Including the musical performance, the organiser strongly hope that in the Tokyo shows ANGE do what they usually do as much as possible.)

To the audience I will try to give a situation, with which you can go outside temporarily and re-enter the venue when waiting for the meet & greet AND during meet & greet (not confirmed yet). BUT!! If the number of audience is very few when ANGE come out, the meet & greet might be already finished when you return!! (I will not decide in advance what time it will finish. I decide it by what will be going on there. But no later than 9:30pm.)

Perhaps the members do not speak Japanese language!! Why not start preparing NOW to chat with them directly, even only what you want to tell them most or even more and more!! (Study, memorise, mobile phone or smart phone, dictionary, etc)

If wait in the venue and want to sit, there's no seats but you can sit in the audience's area (floor) or on the stairway on which the audience will queue before the door opens, if don't mind.

Meet & greet will be held in the audience's area in the same venue.

Ticket price etc
(In case you buy ticket from the shows' organiser Company Ltd.)

Born after 1st April 1994: 2000 YEN (tax included)(See notes below)
All other audience: 9000 YEN (tax included)(Same price in all the Categories)

Notes to audience who were born after 1st April 1994.....
If you can come to the venue & can go home, you are welcomed no matter how much younger you are.
When applying for ticket, you need to tell you are born after 1st April 1994.
You need to buy Category A ticket basically. (Category A enter first.)
When enter the door, you need to show something OFFICIAL that prove that you are born after 1st April 1994 (for example, student ID card that your birthday is on) to the staff.
The very front before the stage is the area for these youngest generations.

Method to pay the price: bank transfer
(Thinking about other method to pay from outside Japan.)

Perhaps ticket will be E-ticket (including your name), made of PDF file.

Respecting all the enthusiastic fans who buy ticket as early as possible, the organiser will never discount the ticket price from the middle of the period of ticket selling. Also the organiser will never ask people who don't (or cannot) sell the ticket with the price above, to sell ticket. (But some handling fees that might be needed outside the ticket price, transaction fees when pay the ticket price, may vary.)

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