MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

08 Dec 2012
Giving "Number For Presales" ends soon. Let's push one more time!!

(Don't know what "Number For Presales" is?? See here first)

Nearly ready for ticket sales for people who have "Number For Presales". So receiving the application for "Number For Presales" will end at 0am midnight on 16th December 2012 (JST).

I have asked to correct the application when something is wrong. So remember that you have to complete your application including correction by 0am on 16th December 2012 (JST).

Thanks to all of you, from nothing at the point of "How can I make better tickets go to more enthusiastic ANGE fans??", I could come to this point. What a step forward!! Thank you very much!!

One week remaining. I will look for more ANGE fans & more people who look likely to like ANGE and contact them, even though some may not welcome me.

If you see more ANGE fans or more people who look likely to like ANGE, please let me know by e-mail. E-mail address: angetokyo2013 ATMARK (Change " ATMARK " to "@"). I will contact them as much as possible. Or if you contact them by yourself, THANK YOU!!

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