MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

09 Dec 2012
[Number For Presales] To those who applied but nothing has happened after.

(Don't know what "Number For Presales" is?? See here first)

Except for the 2 applications which I inform about below, the organiser already have sent "Number For Presales" to all other people whose applications arrived by 8th Dec 2012.

Below describes about those 2 applications, which are in the situation that "Number For Presales" cannot be sent. If it's your application, I the organiser recommend you to complete you application with the process that I describe below by 0am midnight on 16th December 2012 (JST), at which receiving the application for "Number For Presales" will end.

One is an e-mail which obviously looks like the application, but I cannot confirm what is asked to write in the application. So, to confirm about it, I sent an e-mail of reply with notes about how to complete the application. But no reaction arrived until now. If it's you, I recommend you to check your spam folder etc and complete your application.

Another is an e-mail which was sent with a function of facebook. I received it but saw no sign that tells this is someone's application. Also the e-mail address to reply was already set and it starts with "noreply". From these facts, I have done nothing to this e-mail. If it's you, please apply again with the method which is written HERE.

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