MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

09 Dec 2012
[Hope some of you join!!] ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR Live In Tokyo Pre-OFF-KAI!! (Hope this urgent chat party take place.)

Sorry for such an urgent suggestion.

Is there anybody who hope to buy ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR Live In Tokyo ticket and have time to do the ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR Live In Tokyo Pre-OFF-KAI (a kind of chat party) around Tokyo with me Masanori Watanabe, the orgnaiser of these ANGE's Tokyo shows Company Ltd.?? Too soon but I hope it happens in the next weekend on 15th or 16th Dec or in the evening on weekday around it.

If you join me and tell me where and when you want to do it, I will go there with pleasure as far as I can go there. In case no sugestion of place appears, I suggest "From 6pm on 15th Dec in Shibuya in Tokyo". But I hope to choose the place and the date and the time that is suggested by someone who want to join this.

If you join me, please tell me the place and the date and time that you want, by e-mail. E-mail to the following e-mail address, please.

angetokyo2013 ATMARK (Change " ATMARK " to "@")

The "hidden" most important purpose of this Pre-OFF-KAI is to make an occasion for people who don't know me at all to see (even for few minutes) whether I am a fake organiser or an organiser who does not have experience but is operating really.

If there are ANGE fans in Japan who have supported ANGE and know about these shows in Japan but are about to miss the shows because the organiser is totall unknown (respectable reason), I hope to decrease the number of them, even only one. This event might help. I think it's better if I can do it before ticket sales begins.

I hope it should be something you can relax with. Some chats with coffee, for example. But if two or more persons join this, communication between posible audience is also something I want always. Personally I hope to listen to your opinions and objections. I am thinking about bringing the original of ANGE members' messages which they gave me few weeks ago.

The process from now on is: Baically the place and the date and the time that is suggested by anybody who don't know me first will be the place and the date and the time of this Pre-OFF-KAI, as far as I can go there. Then I will tell about it on this website and suggest more persons to join. And then let's exchange messages between us via e-mail or SNS. I think it's early enough if we can decide a shop to meet and do it by the day before, isn't it.

Hope some of you raise your hand and join it!! Thanks!!

added on 10 Dec 2012: Because of the purpose written above, I added "by anybody who don't know me" which is written in red letter. Trying to make it more clear that this Pre-OFF-KAI is "up to the audience" (instead of a re-production of the pre-written story by myself and someone I know), like the shows of ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR Live In Tokyo will be up to the audience.

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