MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

16 Dec 2012
[Reader's Poll] The Latest album MOYEN-AGE!! Looks like saying "This is no bad at all!!" doesn't it!!

ANGE's facebook page

looks like asking more push. So if you like the latest album "MOYEN-AGE", why not vote on

Deadline is close, perhaps.

Even if you don't vote, watch the result by clicking "View Results" at the bottom of grey area. Where is "MOYEN-AGE"??!!

I have 2 suggestions to those who have not listened to it.

Let's not vote if you have not listened!!

If categorise ANGE's music by the website above only, you might miss the strongest aspects of ANGE. If you can see it as an information like "Also the reputations from prog rock fans are good, too", I think you end up having less amount of unneeded informations and end up being able to feel "This is good!!" more smoothly when truly good things reach you.

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