MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

25 Dec 2012
Ticket, Suggestions & Rules, Drink/Eat, Earplugs... Updating the Website!!

Merry Christmas!!

Not having updated NEWS often but having updated the website much, and still updating. In the main web page of the shows

now making a situation, in which all the important informations can be found in the pink frame and in the web pages that are linked from the pink frame.

The following 4 web pages are the latest results from sorting what were informed and adding what are not informed yet.

Ticket Information
LET'S DO & MUST NOT DO!! (Suggestions & Rules)
Earplugs (??)

Also put the link from the pink frame to the biography of myself the organiser.

By the way have you voted, too, or not?! On

ANGE's latest album "MOYEN-AGE" has become NO.1!! Does this mean that you will not be forgiven if don't recognise the new tunes in the Tokyo shows??!!

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