MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

25 Dec 2012
ANGE MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo will support "School Music Revival"!!

School Music Revival

To see what this is for, watch the following web pages of the website of "School Music Revival".

Message from Mr Ryuichi Sakamoto

In the venue on the show days, the donation box will be situated. The shows will donate some part of the income of the shows. If you want to support to bring musical instruments back into childrens' hands and if you have your hard earned money to give for this purpose, donate directly to "School Music Revival" with the methods which are informed HERE or put it into the donation box in the venue of the shows.

The donations that will be collected in the shows will go to "School Music Revival" via the shows' organiser.

Since around March 2012 the ANGE team and I the organiser have had conversations about supporting "School Music Revival". From the beginning I told them that "Let's not do it if ANGE don't want to". I had no idea at all about how they would think about doing such system/method in their show, as they are from different culture from Japan's. But the reaction was positive.

Now as a final confirmation, the approvals from Mr Christian Decamps of ANGE and the ANGE's management were confirmed. So here it is.

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