MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

06 Jan 2013
To people who have "Number For Presales", received the e-mail which inform how to order the ticket??

Happy New Year!!

Sorry for very late report here. Ticket sales for people who have "Number For Presales" have already started.

When started, the e-mail which inform about how to order the ticket etc was sent to the e-mail addresses of all the people who applied for "Number For Presales". But later, an e-mail which suggests a possibility that one of the e-mail addresses did not receive the e-mail came in. If it's your e-mail address, tell the organiser by e-mailing to the e-mail address angetokyo2013 ATMARK (Change " ATMARK " to "@") with writing both your "Number For Presales" and your name or nickname that you wrote when applying for "Number For Presales", in text area.

The organiser have asked people who were to apply for "Number For Presales", to be ready to receive e-mail from e-mail address which ends with "" (ie e-mail from the organiser of the shows). So be careful by yourself. The organiser is not responsible even if cannot finish your order of ticket by the date you have to pay the ticket price by.

Don't think it's no your matter!! Whichever you are the one who already finished the payment of the ticket price or the one who is going to buy ticket from now on, in worst case you will not receive your ticket if you don't setup your e-mail address rightly or if you don't inform the organiser when you change your e-mail address or etc.

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