MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

28 Jan 2013
"Pushing your way to the front" - one of the most annoying behaviour..... (by Rolling Stone magazine)

In the webpage above, the Rolling Stone magazine of USA states "Pushing your way to the front" is among the top 10 of "The 10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors".

In this ANGE shows in Tokyo, it's prohibited to break into and to intrude yourself into audience who are already in the audience area before you come, when you don't have all permissions.

The magazine describes how disgraceful it is, and it's really true.

As far as I the organiser of this shows have seen, Japan is one of the countries in which you see such audience (who are "Pushing your way to the front") most, which is really a bad news.

Adults must be responsible about having made such culture, but even if other audience who are going to be broken into or intruded into by you say nothing, it never means you can do it. It's the moment your sensitivity and consciousness is being tested.

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