MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

29 Jan 2013
Hassan (guitar, vocal), Tristan (keyboard, vocal) to release new solo album!!

If includes the activity as Christian Decamps & Fils in 1990s (the personnel and the music of this period tells that this activity can be seen as ANGE's, from the view from the year 2013), for last 15 years Hassan and Tristan have been the strong characters of ANGE sound. Now both of them are about to release the new solo albums!!

Hassan's is his first solo release. Launched his website

Tristan's is his first in some years. Can we enjoy more of his vocals which have become more and more tasty recently, like the one on "Entre les gouttes" from ANGE's latest album "MOYEN-AGE"?!

Looking forward to the both, while looking forward to the Tokyo shows!!

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