MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

03 Apr 2013
Ticket is available at e+, too, from today!!

e+ is selling the ticket of ANGE's Tokyo shows from today. Unfortunately the informations are available in Japanese language only. But, thank you very much, e+!!

Notes to those who want to buy the ticket from e+ are HERE (Japanese language only). The notes show that the same things are required to those who buy the ticket from e+ (Selling to those who accept the organiser's Terms and Conditions, Must not violate the show's rules, etc) as the ones which are required to those who buy the ticket in other way. The type of ticket that e+ is selling is "Seiri Bango D".

With e+, you can buy the ticket via computer, smart phone, mobile phone, and also it seems it's available at Family Mart in Japan.

Via computer HERE.
Via mobile phoneHERE.

Below is the entry order on the show day, but this is the order in case you can enter on your ticket's number's turn only. (If you come too late, you cannot enter in this order. The entry begins after the door opens at 4pm.)

1: Category A (Available from the organiser)
2: Category B (Available from the organiser)
3: Category C (Available at WORLD DISQUE and DISK UNION Shinjuku Progressive Rock Kan)
4: Seiri Bango D (Available at e+)

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