MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

13 Apr 2013
REPORT: Update about the process for ANGE's entry into Japan to realise the Tokyo shows: VISA for Entertainer were issued!

I think this is something any experienced concert promoters have no need to report, but something I need to.

Embassy of Japan in France has issued VISA for Entertainer to the ANGE team, which are needed to realise the shows in Tokyo!

To all those who have supported in actual process in Japan, all those who have worked for this in France including all the staffs of ANGE, all those who have supported mentally, thank you very much. We passed one more big step to realise the historic first-ever shows of ANGE in Japan.

But not yet. There are still many reasons that can make the shows in Japan impossible. I will do my best until each of the ANGE team return their home in France.

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