MOYEN-AGE TOUR 2012/2013 Live In Tokyo

18 May 2013
ANGE Live In Tokyo PETIT EPISODE 1: Mostly Fully Equipped

The organiser wanted ANGE to do in Tokyo what ANGE do in their country France.

All the engineers who have been touring with ANGE came. The preparations for the shows, with involving the venue's engineers, might have been something you may think "Too much".

Most musical instruments ended up being arranged in Japan. This means the members of ANGE had to prepare, even before they left France, for the preparations that they would do in Japan and they had to prepare the setup of instruments after arrival in Japan. Staying inside the hotel room, visiting music shop, they got ready for the first show on 27th April with being fully prepared.

Although there were few tunes which were prepared specially for the shows in Japan, there were clear moods which made me feel that the ANGE team was trying to do in Tokyo what ANGE do in France. In fact it ended up with almost the same form as what ANGE do in France. Thank you very much!

But on the other hand, I brought Japanese colour into the venue without violating the contents of the shows. Eating sushi all together including the venue's staffs and engineers must be something you cannot experience outside Japan (even if you can, the quality must be different).

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