Try to make best seats go to youngest generations & true fans.


WHY ? / HOW ?


" For youngest generations "

Let's finish thinking that "That's OK if adults can enjoy". suggests this to all adults.

One of the biggest difference between other countries and Japan is: In audience of live show of truly strong music, in Japan the number of youngest generations is very few. Looks like the stronger music is the fewer the number of youngest generations are. Adults have made such situation by, for example, too expensive ticket price and age limit and etc.

No strange at all if strong music are not born from people who have not experienced and enjoyed strong music. Today's poor music scene of Japan is perhaps related with the number of youngest generations who have enjoyed truly strong music.

In history, strong music have been enjoyed and treasured, and more are born one after another from next generations who have grown up with seeing how strong music are treated. love to hand this fashion to future. Like some countries who have rich music culture.

The stronger music is, the younger generations it should be heard by also. Instead of making it an entertainment for adults only.

Thinking about kids' height, don't you think it's ugly if adult feels satisfied by blocking the sight of youngest generation whose height is not high enough? Hope adults let next generations watch the stage, with pleasure.

" For true fans "

if music have no listener, it means the same situation as music does not exist. Along with musician, listener is one very important part of music. Among listeners, those who have supported musician most must be people who are called "fans". The reason why almost all musicians treasure their fans must be this. If this is true, organisation of live show should treasure fans, too.

Comparing to other countries, organisation of live show in Japan generally looks like the worst about treasuring fans. I have such impression because in Japan I rarely see fine treatments for fans which you see easily in other countries. As if poor treatments for fans is usual in Japan. don't think it's OK.

Why add "true" for "true fans". Because in Japan you are called "fan" even if you are there for completely other reason when famous person appears. want to make this difference clear.

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Masanori Watanabe

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